quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Centro de Mesa em Vegetal - Ornamental Parchment

Este é um dos meus mais recentes trabalhos em papel vegetal. Pode ser trabalhoso, mas o resultado realmente compensa as horas que fiquei trabalhando nele....
O molde estará disponível para aquisição no meu site a partir de sábado!

This is ones of my latest parchment craft project. The design is my own. It took several hours before I had it finished, but the result really worth the time spent on.
The pattern will be available for sale on my web site next Saturday.

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  1. Hello Carla, I love this parchment piece its beautiful and I also love the little Jewelled frog, he is so cute. (I'm a great fan of these little guys)


  2. You Parchment Art is the best out there no matter what. You know I just love your designs and work



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